About Origa

ORIGA in greek means Charioteer. We want to be the charioteer of your growth at all times.

Guided by the philosophy of “Access to Finance”, ORIGA extends asset leasing solutions to enterprises that aim for business expansion. . ORIGA puts more emphasis on innovation and high growth business model than on the credit history of the applicant. It thus acts as a growth engine for entities at all stages.

The leasing solutions offered by ORIGA to the entities help them build capacities that empower them financially to scale up and provide the last mile delivery of their services and goods in a highly effective manner.

We bridge the gap between new age businesses and traditional financing!

Why We Are Unique

  • Catering to high growth companies that traditional financial system is unable to serve
  • Our indepth understanding of novel business models
  • Focus on future of the business rather than over emphasis on the past
  • Provides end to end asset Life Cycle Management Solution (ALCM)
  • Assists right from selection of the asset to end use recycling
  • Highly flexible pricing options
  • We leverage technology to provide you seamless experience in leasing
  • Technology enabled faster processing leading to quicker response time
  • Excellent feedback mechanism – more consultative approach to financing


Provide asset financing solution to growing companies to fuel their growth, and in turn contribute towards building sustainable capabilities leading to job and income creation.


Bridging the gap between new age businesses and traditional financing system and become their trust worthy partner throughout their journey of growth.

Current contracts


“ORIGA was the first to understand the value proposition I planned to offer with my desert adventure endeavour and came up with highly innovative operating lease structure which allowed me to start the Rajasthan operations immediately.”

CEO, TAO Experiences – Rajasthan

“Operating lease is one of the finest way to finance my sanitation business and ORIGA is currently the only one offering the same in India.”

Founder & CEO Saraplast Pvt Ltd“

Industries Served


Indian healthcare sector, one of the fastest growing industries, is expected to advance at a CAGR of 15.2 per cent during 2011–17 to reach USD 160 billion as per industry estimates. According to the research firm – Venture Intelligence, in 2013, healthcare and life sciences emerged as the second favorite destination for venture capital after technology. ORIGA aspires to play a pivotal role in shaping the evolving Healthcare industry in India by providing cost effective leasing solutions for healthcare management.

Manufacturing and Service Business

India’s manufacturing sector could touch USD 1 trillion by 2025, according to a report by Mckinsey and Company. There is potential for the sector to account for 25% – 30% of the country’s GDP and create up to 90 million domestic jobs by 2025. ORIGA foresees the potential of leasing in manufacturing and service businesses and hence works towards partnering with enterprises who are on the lookout for expansion, by providing cost effective leasing solutions for upgradation and scaling up.

Sanitation, Water, Wastewater, Waste and Energy

Sanitation and Waste Management remains a problem in developing Asia, where millions still suffer from the fact that most towns and cities use open dumps and only about 10% of solid waste ends up in properly engineered and managed landfill sites. Working through its dedicated vertical on SAWE, ORIGA envisages to champion the cause of sustainable environment by providing cost effective leasing solutions for natural resource recovery and management.